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Hi! I'm Yu Li, or you can call me Lotus. I am a Game Designer, Game Programmer, Musician and a crazy Game Player! I'm a master student at Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, from which place I will step into Game Industry after graduation. I love making games! I literally do EVERYTHING for it: designing, engineering, composing, managing... I never stop. You can find most of my virtual worlds above in my portfolio.

I am now in my Summer Internship as a UI Programmer and Designer of Dejobaan Games. It is an artistic visual novel, very beautiful. In my free time, I make my own games. I always have one or two personal projects under development at any time. In those early years when I have not devoted myself to Game, I enjoy music, literature and philosophy. I am always innovative, creating by myself. My music pieces have been arranged in this website, where you can find in the Music column.