Eat My Carrot!

  • Platform: PC with XBox Controllers
  • Game Time: 2 Minutes
  • Team size: 4
  • Role: Game Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Designer
  • Project Session Time: 2 Days
  • Resource: Game download

Eat My Carrot is a two-player PC game. It was developed for the 2018 Global Game Jam within 2 days. Players collect carrots and shoot them toward rabbits to gain the love of these lovely creatures~! A little piece of strategy was put into this game. Players need to avoid shooting poos to the rabbits, while poos are in need when players try to grow a huge carrot missel. Anything shot out by one player can be catched by the other one, which makes the game much more interactive and funny.

The control is an innovative one. With XBox controller, the player use left analog to roll his wheel (which receives and stores carrots), use right analog to roll the cannon (which decides which thing to shoot out and in which direction) and right index trigger to shoot. By playtesting, we find that this control, which utilizes two 360-degree analogs and one trigger, is very strange and difficult for a new player. However, after playing for about 3 times, almost all the players get used to it, and find much fun from control. So many thins are under fully control! Three fingers working together, fast rolling and continuously shooting, this control brings great satisfaction to players.

In addition, the game is super cute! Lovely art materials created by our two talented artists, and the cute sound effects specially recorded by myself, make players' positive emotions bloom beyond words! We developers love this game. We like sitting at the computer, doing nothing but shooting "love" to each other!

Although this game only takes us 2 days to complete, we experienced several iterations in the development. Every design is very different from our original imagination. In our first protype, we tried to make a game to tame different animals with different foods. On our way to make the finally super-fun game version, we learned a lot and a lot and a lot.

We can also see the chances to polish it. To make it a better game, we may add a predator to the game, which needs to be shot out by many bullets or it will eat rabbits. We may add special precious rabbits. These will help us to build a better interest curve. We may also modofy the "carrot missle" to balance its rarity and value.