Magic Examination

  • Platform: Hololens
  • Time: 4 Minutes
  • Team size: 5
  • Role: Game Programmer, Designer
  • Project Session Time: 2 Weeks

Magic Examination is an AR game where the player plays as a student of a magic school. To pass an examination, he needs to grow several adorable magic plants as asked by the teacher. In the game, players are not directly guilded by the teacher. Instead, he needs to use his brain and try by himself to meet the requirements. For example, the teacher asks for a plant on fire, and the player needs to think of adding fire essence into the plant. Therefore, the player is indirectly controlled at the same time of given space for free exploration. We met many challenges using the AR device Hololens. It has no calibration function. Neither could it detect the shape/edge in reality, nor could it keep virtual objects staying in a constant place (they always shift with players' movements). After trying several methods, I finally made a calibration system to manually calibrate it. My experience reveals that reality detection is among the most important subjects in AR game field.