Super Cashier

  • Platform: Oculus Touch
  • Time: 4 Minutes
  • Team size: 5
  • Role: Game Programmer, Designer
  • Project Session Time: 2 Weeks

Super Cashier is an extremely funny cashier simulator on Oculus. Become a cashier, scan barcodes on various products, welcome wierd customers and compete with another player! Audience are enabled to join the game by shopping on our website! Their characters (customers) will bring the products they pick to the players, like they were shopping in a real supermarket! Above all, Super Cashier provides players with multiple enjoyments.

- Enjoy fast-paced Grabbing & Scanning! Simple and fun!
- 12 kinds of customers and 40 kinds of products!
- Very wierd behaviors of special customers / special products.
- Intense competetion with another cashier.
- Highly audience-engaged! Serve a bunch of people you know in reality!
- Relaxing and really funny art and audio.

It took us many days and nights to discuss and make decisions on the design. We talked about the super large scale of the game, players had so many ways to get satisfaction and we had so many work to do that we could hardly finish it in two weeks. But we felt these ideas were super cool and we could hardly banish any of them. Finally we decided to challenge it, and we made it! All of us love this game very much!