The Last Night on Planet Earth

  • Platform: PC
  • Tool: Unity 3D
  • Role: UI Programmer, UI Designer
  • Employer: Dejobaan Games

The Last Night on Planet Earth is an artistic visual novel by Dejobaan Games. It tells an interesting story of an alien on an earth about to explode. It is full of dark humor and unique views that come from the alien aspect.

At the time I joined, the game had an early version written in Python. The next step is to set a basic game system in Unity, flexible enough to explore the design directions. Therefore, I was assigned to build a UI system in Unity.

In three months, the artist and I made a few prototypes together. At the same time of getting the system developed and ideas tested, my engineering and many other skills are greatly improved. I learned about Unity plug-ins, shaders and documentations. And I met a lot of amazing people! It is really an exciting experience.