Trick or Treat

  • Platform: Oculus Touch
  • Time: 4 Minutes
  • Team size: 5
  • Role: Game Programmer, Designer
  • Project Session Time: 2 Weeks


The game Trick or Treat begins with the ban of Halloween. The player plays the role of a Halloween-lover witch. To fight against the government and save Halloween, she flied in the city, threw her magic candies to crying children to encourage them to fight, and finally led her troop of children to beat the boss. It was built by a team of 5 people (including 2 programmers) in 2 weeks.

Trick or Treat is attractive with its:
- Beautiful fantastic art style.
- Simple but engaging throwing mechanism.
- Great satisfaction to comfort children and lead a revolution.
- Well-designed interest curve and progressions.
- Magnificent final battle.

The children beavior I designed and implemented is an impressive factor in the game. They give the player a very strong feedback when they get candies from the player. (They will stop cring, start cheering and then go out of the building to join the player's army.) The direct feedback and lasting influence of the player's troop bring satisfactions. On the other hand, I tried my best to make them behave the same as real children to arouse emotions inside players. Not only do they retreat in front of enemies, also their behaviors are random in time. It is where immersion and emotions come from.

"Transform" is an important concept we dilivered as we were telling the stroy about revolution. At first the player (the witch) was the only one who dared to fight, but her troop slowly grew and the children showed an obvious transform in their attitude. From the very beginning's "hiding and cryiing" and "following the leader", they finally dared to fight against injustice by themselves. The transform is also very natural with the general progression. Even without awreness, players were moved and encouraged much.