Wish I could Pee

  • Platform: HTC Vive
  • Time: 4 minutes
  • Team size: 5
  • Role: Game Programmer, Designer
  • Project Session Time: 2 Weeks

Wish I could Pee is a VR game on HTC Vive platform. In the game, the player plays the role of a godmother who expels all the horrible monsters in a boy's room so the boy could have enough coueage to go to the bathroom. It is developed by a team of 5 people (including 2 programmers) among 2 weeks. All the members of the team did the designs together.

The most impressive moment in our development is when I found how great immersion our game had achieved. Players screamed and retreated in front of monsters, and they did try hard to protect the boy from them. I found that VR environments largely amplified emotional stimulations in the game. A lot of players tried to comfort the boy or led the boy to a safer place while player. Even after they found they couldn't interact with the boy directly, some of them still stoked the boy's head as a real godmother was comforting a terrified boy.

We also met challenges in the development. The largest one, I would say, is about our major design. At first we wanted to make the player be the bright part of the boy (while monsters were actually the dark part of the boy), which was not revealed until the ending. But our world seems too small to support it. Players were so confused that they didn't feel immersion while playing. We discussed for a few days about how to make the story both intuitive and attractive. Finally we decided to make the player a godmother (while monsters are real monsters in the magic background), which has been proven to be a good idea.

Wish I could Pee is the second game I made by Unity. It was challenging to me, but the more challenging it was, the more I could learn from the experience. Excluding other small functions (like interactions with curtains and viberation of the closet) which made me gradually framiliar with the usages of Unity, I majorly wrote the function which drove monsters. The monsters will spread after being found by the player, then move toward the boy. After the player casting spells on them by taping them with her wand, the monsters were turned into warm lights, floating toward the ceiling and becoming sparkling stars, which will make the whole room brighter. It turned out to be a successful detail. Everytime the player followed the floating lights and saw the stars lit, he was amazed to say "Wow".