Nikki Games for Female

There's a game company called Paper Games that made several top female-targeting mobile games in China. I played three games in a series: Nikki Up2U, Love Nikki, and Shining Nikki. (Nikki is the female main character.) I saw how they tried hard to improve the designs, adjusting the balances and adding contents one by one. And as a result, those games are truly great, and made a lot of money. Shining Nikki was just published in April 2019. It is the best dress up game I've ever seen. It has beautiful 3D models and dresses, extreme details of materials, smooth animations and interactions with Nikki.

Other games of Paper Games are also of very high quality. I played Love Nikki for more than 3 years, so I can confidently say that the game is great in almost every aspect. I feel very happy and lucky to have these games to play. However, besides them, I could hardly find any OK dress-up games even. If you play the game 云裳羽衣 by Tencent, you will be fully astonished at how stupid, ugly and unreasonably buggy it is. It's kind of wierd thinking of how many great FPS games we have, while developers hardly target at female players specifically.

We can see rich resources of male entertainments. While as a girl, I always feel empty trying to find entertainments. And when I want to make female-targeting games, it is pretty difficult because of the lack of researches. I think the most important thing is for our girls to get power and make influence in the industry. Paper Games is doing a good job, and over 70% of developers in it are female. We can't remain nowhere hoping male people, those who currently enjoy the benifits created by the industry overlooking female, to care about us or understand our feelings that they've never experienced. Sadly, it is always the truth.

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